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Tom Loring

Playing Since: Dark Ascension

Favorite Cards: Floral Spuzzem, Werebear, Epic Experiment

Favorite Set: Future Sight

Favorite Format: Modern/Commander/Cube


I’ve been playing Magic for a number of years and I owe the game immensely. Magic has given me a home away from home, a platform to grow, learn, and communicate, and more than anything, a community of people I am proud to call friends. I started Podcaster Mage after being inspired by the multitude of Magic Podcasts I listen to regularly. I created it with the goal of  bringing the fun and intimate conversations you would have with your close friends after an event to everyone. They help everyone involved improve at the game and are the best part of playing Magic. I thank you all so much for listening, being a part of the conversation, and being part of the community.

Chris Null

Playing Since: Return to Ravnica

Favorite Cards: Cruel Ultimatum, Tezzeret, Agent of Bolas, Phyrexian Obliterator

Favorite Set: Gatecrash

Favorite Format: Limited


I am a fairly newcomer in terms of magic, but its impact on my life has been just about as big as anything else I can think of. I have a deep love for magic. It is a great way to meet awesome people and is also a really complex and fun game that stimulates the brain. This mixture of healthy and positive community with a challenging and enjoyable game experience make this the best game in the world. As the newest member of the podcast I do my best to bring a new perspective to the topics with thought provoking questions. Thank you all for listening.


Derek Stavich

Playing Since: Zendikar

Favorite Cards: Smokestack, Birthing Pod, Nissa, Nature’s Artisan

Favorite Set: Khans of Tarkir

Favorite Format: Legacy

I've been playing magic for 8 years now. I have only recently begun to play the game "for fun" (read not competitively) recently though. I have spent most of my time playing the game in the tournament setting. From FNM end boss, to local IQ grinder I am constantly trying to improve my skills at the game. I have always and will always play the game competitively as I find it to be the most fun for me. My favorite format by far is legacy, I am a 4c loam player and likely always will be. Something about getting to play wasteland every single turn really speaks to me as a player. I would have ended up a lands player if I didn't love combat so much though. Nothing better than beating someone over the head with a Dark Confidant as you waste them back into the stone age. I started podcasting as a way of interacting with the larger magic community to try and pick the collective hive-mind and generate discussions that I can use to bolster my knowledge of the game and to help others along the same path to great play as well.